Not all your appliances will receive back-up from your Home Inverter which makes them a threat to switch-on surge when power resumes. We offer 3 surge protection solutions for high end equipment such as GARAGE DOORS, GATES, BOOMS, ACCESS CONTROL EQUIPMENT, ALARM SYSTEMS, DOMESTIC FRIDGES & FREEZERS, industrial freezers, AIR CONDITIONERS and other essential equipment. Switch-on surge damage is the No.1 cause of depletion of your home/office appliances. Our champion designed  Surge Essential is an all purposes surge protection device with the added function of a built in auto 3 minute switch-on timer, which eradicates switch-on surge damage, resulting from load shedding. Pricing info

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Your Office Solution: What size UPS system should you install?

By installing an Uninterruptible Power Supply unit (UPS) you can be confident that your business will continue to function throughout any type of power disruption, from a long term power outage to small scale degradation of equipment as a result of continuous surges and spikes.  Here are some common office scenarios with recommended UPS sizings:

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Typical Online UPS Applications Include:

  • Workstations and Office Automation (PC’s, Copiers, Fax Machines)
  • Backup Power Solutions for homes
  • Network Servers
  • Industrial, Mining & Military applications
  • Wireless Communication
  • All other Electronic Peripherals

At UPS-Systems we specialise in complete UPS solutions for all home and business environments. Our UPS’s range from 600VA to 2MVA and include: off-line, on-line, single-phase, three-phase, line interactive & double conversion.

To ensure total peace of mind at work and home, we have increased our quality product range to include Inverters (pure sine-wave, modified & solar) , Lightning / Surge Protection, as well as single and three phase voltage stabilisers and AVR’s.

Our full range of power solutions include: 

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