100 Base T (ethernet) Surge Protection

VoIP Protection

The 100 Base T data transient suppression units are designed to handle speeds in excess of 100 Mbps fully duplexed. They have an insertion loss of less than 0.5dB. Interconnection is made by means of RJ45 Cat. 5 sockets. The units are available in 19” 1U rack mount panels (24 port) or as a stand alone unit (single port) in an 8 wire configuration.

Electric Fence Protection Kit


This protection kit provides and integrated approach to the protection of electric fences. It provides surge and filtered protection for the incoming mains supply with an individual protector for earth potential equalization. A high voltage unit is supplied for the energizer output terminals. The kit includes the econo power conditioner can (model no. PC/10/E).

AEC Modified Sinewave Inverter systems

Modified Sinewave

· Modified sinewave inverter
· 300Watt – 2KW
· Ideal for solar systems
· 12-24-48 volts
· High efficiency design
· Mounting frame

PHD has a comprehensive range of inverter systems designed for solar or DC back-up systems.

A20 Battery cabinet (20 x 100Ah batteries)

A 20 battery cabinet

Height – 1615mm
Width – 775mm
Depth – 465mm

Unit comes assembled.

Solar Inverters 150W – 3000W


- True Sinewave Output
Power ON-OFF Remote control
Advanced Microprocessor
Impt Polarity / under voltage / over voltage protection
Output short circuit / overload / over temp. protection
Capable of driving highly reactive and capacitive loads
Three colour LED indicators

Inverex Modified Sinewave – inverters and charger

Inverex - Inverter and charger

* Modified Sinewave
* 1,2 and 3KW sizes
* 12-24Volts
* Long runtimes available
* Fully automatic and silent operation
* Compact size
* Rack tower design

SH – Home inverters System with charger

Superhome UPS

* Pure sinewave
* 1kVA – 13kVA
* Standard solar charge controller
* 12-24-48 volts
* Large built in battery chargers
* High efficiency design
* LCD panel
* Ideal for hybrid systems with generator
* Wall mounted

SH home inverter
Super Home UPS is an All-In-One user friendly UPS, easy to handle, suitable and compatible for almost all Home/Office applications (Linear and non-linear loads including Air Conditioners! )

Why use our Superhome units?

* Noise free
* Fully automatic operation
* Does not require petrol/diesel
* Does not produce fumes
* Seamless automatic transfer
* Easy installation
* Automatic recharging of batteries
* Very reliable, Modern Technology( Manufactured in Switzerland )
* Basically maintenance free
* Can work in conjunction with Solar and Fuel-Cells (Can be added later)
* Does not have to be installed on a groundfloor

IV Pure Sinewave – inverters and charger

Pure Sinewave Inverter

* Pure sinewave
* 24-48 Volts
* Large built in battery chargers
* Efficient inverter
* Short circuit and overload protection
* Surge, spike and lighting protection
* Automatic charger
* Built-in AVR
* LED display
* AC 170 – 275 Voltage regulation range