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Modified sinewave 1200W / 1400VA portable inverter on wheels. This is a modified sine wave inverter, people-in-the-know says it won’t work ?
Modified Sine Wave has had a poor reputation due to under designed and overpriced devices hitting the market recently. We tested our inverter on many devices and the answer whether it works or not is basically tied to the age of the device you’re trying to power. The rule of thumb is anything older than 10 years is doubtful, anything older than 15 year should be left off the list. We’ve tested modern energy efficient fridges/freezers (those with energy star ratings), modern fans and a range of modern drive motor devices and so far none have shown any issues with a well-designed modified sine wave inverter. Older fans for example will make a slight vibrating sound but we’ve found this not to be harmful to the device, at least not in the near term. Modified sine wave may reduce a devices’ performance and the loss of performance can generate heat. The heat may have an impact on longevity. The best rule is if you’re not sure, and you can’t afford to try and then replace it, don’t connect it.

Ultimate PURE SINE WAVE Inverter with Charger – 24V

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Ultimate PURE SINE WAVE Inverter – 24V

Available sizes: 3kVA, 3.6kVA , 6kVA & 10kVAa
High Overload ability for handling inductive loads
Intelligent battery charging with powerful charging current
10ms typical transfer time, guarantees power continuity
High Efficiency with Line Interactive circuit topology
Updated Micro control unit Brings superior performance
Remote Control Function
Charger compatible
High efficiency design
LCD panel
Ideal for hybrid systems with generator
Wall mounted
1 year Warranty