Surge Plug Top


The protector is used to protect any electronic device eg printers, fax machines, answering machines, modems, alarm panels and TV’s etc.

Conditioner Can


The power conditioning can combines both surge / transient suppression and EMI / RFI filtration. This high performance device is designed for the protection of sensitive electronic / electrical equipment against transients transmitted via the mains lines. It is also widely used for the protection of gate motors. The unit is housed in a compact can for easy fitment into electrical / electronic enclosures. The unit may also be mounted on a Din Rail by means of a Din Rail mounting bracket. The POWER CONDITIONER CAN is available in an Econo version which has a noise attenuation of -45db or a High performance version with noise attenuation of -100db.

Call Centre Multiplug

Surge Dimension1

The Surge Dimension Multi-plug is specifically designed to address the power requirements of call center stations, computer user areas, internet cafe’s, design studious and open plan offices. The SURGE DIMENSION protects user appliances such as PC’s, laptops, scanners, printers, cell phone chargers, AV projectors, fax machines.

Surge Essential (Gate Motors etc.)

Surge Essential Plug

For use on essential equipment such as motorised garage doors, gates, booms, ACCESS CONTROL EQUIPMENT, UPS’S, alarm systems, domestic fridges, industrial freezers, AIR CONDITIONERS and other essential equipment.

Dual Purpose Thunderplug


By simply plugging in the Thunderplug™ YOU WILL CONVERT any normal multi-plug into a surge protector. FOR For use on multi-plug adapters, fridges, freezers, ALARM SYSTEMS & most electronic and electrical appliances.

Surge King Multi-Plug


Unlike other manufacturer’s brands, the Surge King cannot be used in the non- protected state, therefore assuring piece of mind even when your equipment is attached to any form of power supply . The Surge King not only acts as a precautionary device in the ongoing climate of LOAD SHEDDING, but also guards electronic equipment against the dangers of lightning damage,power surges, voltage spikes, brown-outs and data line fluctuations. * If you have telkom lines situated alongside to your equipment, we advise that this equipment is protected separatelyvia the data strike protection device.

Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV)

Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV)

While a MOV is designed to conduct significant power for very short durations (~8/20 microseconds), such as caused by lightning strikes, it typically does not have the capacity to conduct sustained energy. Under normal utility voltage conditions, this is not a problem. However, certain types of faults on the utility power grid can result in sustained over-voltage conditions

RF Line surge protection Conditioners


The RFC coax unit is a transient suppression device designed to protect RF transceivers. It can be used for frequencies of up to 1GHz with negligible signal loss. The standard device is supplied fitted with “N” type female connectors. Other connector configurations are available on request. The unit is supplied in a compact housing with a removable gas discharge tube (GDT) for easy inspection / replacement.

RS232 surge protection Line conditioners

RS232 line conditioners

The RS232 line conditioners are used to protect the RS232/V.24 protocol. These compact devices are fitted into a standard gender bender housing with a DB25 or DB9 connector configuration. (Male to equipment, female to line). Reversed genders are also offered as a standard as indicated in the part number listing below.

Access Surge Conditioner


The ACCESS CONDITIONER is designed to protect data and control lines for automatic gate systems intecoms and alarm systems. The unit will handle data speeds in excess of 20 kbps with insertion losses of less than 0.1dB. For simple installation the unit is fitted with screw type terminal blocks and is available in a ten line configuration. Standard voltages available are 5 to 48Vdc. Other voltages are available on request.

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